FREE SHIPPING on orders of 60$+ in Canada!!
FREE SHIPPING on orders of 60$+ in Canada!!
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About me

As a witch, I was always fascinated by the world around me, and from a very young age I started to try to reproduce what I could see.
A few years later and after graduating in 3D art school in Montreal, here I am exploring my newest passion of growing greens and plants all over the place. I must admit, it's been a great adventure! 
I figured, why not merge the two passions? And it led me into the marvelous field of botanical drawings and studies, which has been a great learning experience. I still remember a few months ago when I couldn't even name a single one of my plants! Oh how far I have come... 
Anyhow, welcome to my shop and I hope you enjoy my drawings as much as I enjoyed making them!